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Womens Jewelry Box

One of the best gifts that a woman can receive is a fine jewelry box. At Chasing Treasure, we have curated a collection of womenís jewelry boxes that any woman would be proud to own. They come in several different finishes, styles, and sizes to hold different jewelry collections. We offer them in prices to meet every budget. We also offer them in styles that are appropriate for the youngest women in your life.

Our womenís jewelry boxes come in fine woods that add style to any room. They include fine, exotic woods like mahogany, teak, and burlwood. We also have pieces in more traditional choices like maple, oak, and cherry, too. Some of our most popular womenís jewelry boxes come in painted finishes. These are usually offered in black or white. They come in antiqued finishes as well as glossy, modern options. Some of our painted options are available in sizes and styles for teens and children, too.

When you are looking for a jewelry box for a special woman in your life, there are a few features to consider. The first is her collection of jewelry. If she has a large collection of necklaces and bracelets, she would appreciate a jewelry box with compartments designed to hold longer pieces. Some of our options have cabinets with hooks to hang chains so the do not get tangled. If she has a large collection of rings or earrings, it is better to find jewelry boxes with small compartments designed to protect these pieces from scratches or getting lost. These compartments often come in trays that can be lifted from the jewelry box itself. If she has a collection of bangles and cuffs, it is best to find jewelry boxes with pockets that will hold those pieces.

Our womenís jewelry boxes come in a variety of sizes. We have chests that fit nicely on table tops. These often have drawers and trays that can hold different pieces. Many have at least one locking piece, too. We also offer standing armoires and smaller table-top versions, too. These are perfect for women who have large collections of jewelry and need more space than a smaller table-top chest holds. Some of these lock completely from the outside and some have drawers or cabinets that individually lock. Both styles come in fine finishes as well as painted finishes. They are also available in styles that are appropriate for younger teens and girls.

Another important consideration for a womanís jewelry box is the lifestyle of the woman who will be using it. If she travels regularly, then it is wise to purchase a jewelry box that has a travel case with it or is designed for travel. If she has several pieces of jewelry that she wears daily, she might not want drawers or boxes that lock, because it will just slow her down when getting ready each day.

If you have any questions about selecting a womanís jewelry box, we are available to help. At Chasing Treasure, we pride ourselves on helping our customers choose the best jewelry box for their needs.

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Special Interest:

Locking Jewelry Boxes Protect Special Items

Since jewelry boxes were first used as boxes for storing the treasures of royalty, they often came with locks to keep the help from being able to take the special pieces on the inside. When jewelry became less valuable because they were mass produced and could be owned by the people, locks were not needed for the same reason. However, it is still important for many jewelry owners to have locks on their jewelry boxes. At Chasing Treasures, we understand the need which is why we have several beautiful, finely crafted locking jewelry boxes available for our customers.

There are plenty of benefits to have a locking jewelry box. The first is that no one can get in without a key. This keeps your precious treasures safe from anyone who comes into your home. Families who have their homes services when they are away should always have their treasures locked up. The locking jewelry box can also provide safety in your home. It is also a good idea to have a locking jewelry box if you have young children in the house. Some pieces of jewelry can look like candy, so young children could be tempted to put those small pieces in their mouths. It can also be helpful to have a locking jewelry box if you have an older child who likes to borrow your jewelry. If your child cannot get to the jewels, she will not be able to borrow them and possibly lose them.

Our locking jewelry boxes are available in different styles with different locking capabilities. We have boxes that lock completely, so no drawers or tops will open when the box is locked. There are also boxes that partially lock so one or two drawers will open, but the tops usually do not. Many of our floor armoires also lock completely, which important because the armoires usually contain so many treasures.

Many of the locking jewelry boxes fit into drawers so they can be hidden when company comes over or when someone is coming to take care of a problem in your home. The locks are not as secure as safes or safe deposit boxes at banks, but they do offer a challenge to someone who might try to open your jewelry box when you are not around. Any deterrent is helpful, especially when it comes to your precious treasures.

Locking jewelry boxes are also useful to have when traveling. Many of our smaller valet cases and travel cases come complete with small keys. Airlines do not recommend putting jewelry boxes in luggage, but if you must, you can rest assured that the locked box will arrive locked. It is also helpful to have your travel jewelry box locked to prevent it from opening in your carry-on luggage.

There are benefits to having a partially locking jewelry box, too. If you have items that are more valuable, you can keep them safe from prying fingers. The unlocked drawers and compartments allow you to access your everyday pieces with ease.

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Brand Highlight:

Reed & Barton Jewelry Boxes: Treasured Gifts

Reed & Barton is a company that is best known for making beautiful pieces made of silver. Many of their silver pieces have become family heirlooms. Along with making products like silverware, tableware, and serving pieces, this iconic company also makes jewelry boxes designed to hold personal treasures. These exquisitely crafted jewelry boxes are perfect gifts to give to your loved ones or even to yourself.

The boxes are designed by artisans who use old world craftsmanship. The boxes include specialized compartments designed to fit rings, watches, necklaces, and other treasured pieces. They are made of exotic hardwoods like mahogany and birdís eye maple, as well as traditional favorites like cherry and walnut.

The Reed & Barton jewelry boxes often include locking tops or drawers because the company understands the importance of keeping treasures safe and secure. Many people keep jewelry in their Reed & Barton jewelry boxes, along with treasures like their childrenís silver spoons, locks from the first hair cut, and other memorable keepsakes. Reed & Barton understands that their jewelry boxes become heirlooms themselves, so even the keys are made to look like heirlooms with beautiful tassel accents attached to a silver-plated key.

Reed & Barton jewelry boxes can be given to men and women as special gifts. They are one of the best choices for college graduates who will be needing special containers for their new treasures and special pieces of jewelry as they move from college into the professional world. They also make great gift choices for Motherís Day and Fatherís Day, especially when a special piece of jewelry is included inside as an added gift. Of course, they are also choice gifts to give during the holidays for Christmas or Hanukkah. Each time the recipient uses it to store or retrieve a piece of jewelry, you will be remembered as the gift giver.

Our Reed & Barton lineup of jewelry boxes includes pretty boxes for girls and teens. The traditional ballerina jewelry box is a favorite for many customers. Young girls love to put their favorite jewelry in a pretty jewelry box and the Reed & Barton boxes fit that need. They come in a variety of sizes from small boxes with a single compartment to larger boxes that include necklace hooks and several drawers. They are available in pink and white finishes with coordinating lining inside to look pretty a girlís bedroom.

Our Reed & Barton collection also includes boxes designed to hold their exquisite pieces of flatware. When you invest in fine silverware, it is important to keep it safe and clean. The boxes come in different wood choices, like mahogany or cherry. They also come with carrying handles to make it easy to bring the silver from the armoire to the dining room table. Reed & Barton uses anti-tarnish fabric to keep the silver from needing to be polished. That fabric lines the slots that are designed to hold several place settings.

If you have any questions about Reed & Barton jewelry boxes and flatware boxes, our expert customer service representatives can help you. Please contact us via email at [email protected] or on the phone at 1-888-804-2542. We welcome orders over the phone and through our easy-to-use website.