Womens Wooden Jewelry Boxes

With Christmas coming up, letís talk about wooden jewelry boxes as potential gifts, particularly for women. For your wife, mother, daughter, or even grandmother, itís hard to find a gift that can be as useful, beautiful, and personal as a jewelry box.

Obviously, styles vary widely, but at the core, you have three basic types: standing jewelry boxes (or jewelry armoires), dresser top jewelry cases, and wall-hanging armoires.

The most popular is the dresser top jewelry case; it is the most convenient for space, and comes in enough sizes to accommodate small to medium size jewelry collections. They normally open at the top and have one to two drawers.

The second most popular, and the most elegant jewelry box, is the standing jewelry cabinet or armoire. These can be up to 48 inches tall and almost all have swing side doors on which necklaces are held to avoid tangling or damaging the chains.

The last is the wall-hanging armoire and are mainly useful in rooms where space is limited. These are similar to standing cabinets, however are smaller and must be securely fastened to a wall.

Designs of any of these can be traditional, with distressed wood, antique fasteners, and block legs, to more modern looks, with sleek, smooth finishes, and modern fasteners and hinges. The more modern designs also incorporate curved legs. The ultra-modern designs normally feature straight legs and highly polished finishes, with multi-color woods, and shinier hardware.

Types of wood are important, too. Wooden jewelry boxes mainly come in teak, walnut, oak, cherry, or bubinga and are either left distressed or sanded smooth. One of the most beautiful of designs is a highly polished bubinga wood due to its multi-colored wood grain.

So as you think about a Christmas gift, consider a wooden jewelry box; sheíll love it and it will last forever!