Musical Eggs
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When Easter is just around the corner it’s time to decorate eggs in bright colours and usher in spring. The egg has been a symbol of fertility, renewal, and change for thousands of years. Its shape is prized aesthetically, and as a result, it has appeared in art and sculpture for ages. The most famous artisanal egg is the Fabergé Egg from Russia. Peter Carl Fabergé and his company made sixty-five eggs from 1885 to the Russian Revolution of 1917.

The most luxurious eggs he created were the fifty Imperial eggs for Czars Alexander III and Nicholas II, of which only forty-seven survive. The Czars commissioned the eggs as gifts for their wives and mothers. In fact, it was Czar Alexander III that commissioned the first Fabergé Egg for his wife, the Empress Maria Fedorovna. He wanted to give his beloved an Easter egg to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their engagement. This first egg, the Hen Egg, is crafted of opaque white enamel (the “shell”) and opens to expose a yellow-gold “yolk.” The yolk opens, too, to reveal a hen – which in turn opened to uncover a diamond replica of the imperial crown, complete with a dangling ruby pendant. While the egg still exists, owned by a Russian businessman, the crown and ruby have been lost.

Most of the Fabergé eggs were trinket boxes that held opulent jewels – a gift within a gift. ChasingTreasure offers ten different styles of egg-shaped trinket boxes in the style of the luxurious Fabergé Egg by Jere. Exquisitely hand-crafted from fine pewter, most are coated with 24K gold. After being hand-enameled, skilled artisans inlay the eggs with genuine Austrian crystals. As an added treat, most of these lovely jewelry boxes also play music when you open them to reveal their surprise contents. This collection is issued in limited editions, almost making them as rare as the Fabergé eggs themselves. These highly collectable keepsake trinket boxes from ChasingTreasure are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or Easter this spring. Let’s take a look at the different options offered.

Musica Egg bj2067

The Royal Gold Musical Egg Trinket Box sits atop three golden legs. Its golden hand-enameled details and netting are accented with hand-set Austrian crystals. It opens to play Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake,” extending the theme of the golden age of Russian Imperialism. Without a doubt, the gold and diamonds make a sophisticated and opulent statement on your special someone’s vanity or dresser.

Musical Egg bj2061

The Fantasy Musical Egg Trinket Box has beautiful ruby red enamel and gold floral designs offset with glittering Austrian crystals. Crowned with a floral bud and sitting atop three filigreed brass-look legs, this egg plays “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic when opened. The deep red colouring and floral details combined with the romantic tune evoke passionate and everlasting love.

Musical Egg bj2060

The “Octopussy” Emerald Egg Trinket Box is modeled after the egg in the James Bond movie Octopussy. The egg’s shell is sumptuous emerald-green enamel with gold netting offset with Swarovski crystals. When opened, it reveals a miniature golden carriage. This is the perfect gift for anyone who finds the aesthetic of the turn-of-the-century fascinating and gorgeous.

Musical Egg bj2062

The Red Imperial Egg Musical Trinket Box is regal red with exquisite gold details. Delicate golden netting drapes around the egg, accented by crystals and golden flowers. When opened, the Red Imperial egg plays “Endless Love,” made famous by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross – a timeless love song perfect for the timeless beauty of the Fabergé egg.

Musical Egg 2063

The Green Traditional Musical Egg Trinket Box is a unique chartreuse-green colour, evoking spring and Easter. Its hand-set Austrian crystals appear to be radiating from its equator and tip. This egg plays Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” when opened to uncover its velvet lining. It makes an arresting focal piece for your loved one’s boudoir vanity.

Musical Egg bj2065

The Rose Garden Musical Egg is modeled after one of the most famous Fabergé eggs, the Rose Trellis Egg. Beautiful gold trellis detail, accented with dozens of hand-set Austrian crystal, envelope this chartreuse-green egg. Within the netting sit enameled pink roses at the peak of bloom. This is egg conjures up the memories of spring year-round. It even plays “Memory” from the musical Cats when opened to reveal its faux-leather ring roll.

Musical Egg bj2066

The Majestic Royal Blue Musical Egg Trinket Box is a stunningly rich royal blue. The egg is accented with scalloped gold along its horizontal equator and adorned with hand-set Austrian crystals. It sits horizontally, with a golden crowned at its top and a splendid golden footing. When opened to show its velvet lining and ring storage, the Majestic Royal Blue egg plays Tchaikovsky’s “Swank Lake.”

Musical Egg bj2066

The Majestic Silver Musical Egg Trinket Box is silver and pearlescent, making it more understated but no less magnificent. The silver footing and crown highlight the enameled pearly white shell. The egg’s hand-set crystal accents catch the light brilliantly. The colours of this egg make it the perfect gift for first communions, Christenings and baptisms, Mother’s Day, and more. When opened, this fancy trinket box plays the theme from Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On.”

Musical Egg bj2066

The Royal Ivory Musical Egg Trinket Box’s enamel is a classic ivory colour with sophisticated gold netting. The intersections of the gold are perfectly accentuated with hand-set Austrian crystals. Diana Ross and Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love” plays when the egg is opened to bare its trinket storage. This egg’s colouring make it perfect for nearly any décor scheme.

Musical Egg bj2066

The Black Ebony Musical Egg Trinket Box is the perfect companion to the Royal Ivory Musical Egg Trinket Box. The enamel is stylish ebony black, juxtaposing divinely with the gold netting. The hand-set Swarovski crystals stand out even more against the dark enamel. “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie plays when the egg is opened to uncover the trinket storage inside.

Whether it’s an Easter gift, a Mother’s Day gift, or an everyday gift, a Fabergé-style egg trinket box from ChasingTreasure is an exquisite addition to your loved one’s collection. Its timeless quality and fine craftsmanship ensure that it will be admired for generations to come.