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Menís Jewery Boxes & Valet Boxes: Necessary Storage for Important Treasures

A menís jewelry box or valet is a sophisticated treasure box that keeps menís jewelry, watches, and other accessories in a safe place. These boxes are not like womenís jewelry boxes; they are designed especially for the special accessories that men wear. They have a masculine design with compartments and drawers that are the perfect size for watches, larger menís rings, tie clips, and cufflinks. At Chasing Treasures, we have a large collection of menís valet boxes made from exquisite woods and supple leathers. Instead of throwing keys, change, and jewelry on the counter or a table, a valet will keep everything protected and free of dust.

Our valet boxes can be set in convenient locations, like dressers and end tables. They are available in a variety of sizes to fit any size collection of accessories. They are also available in several price points to meet any budget. Our stylized boxes come in different types of woods like burl wood, cherry, and mahogany. They are designed to look masculine and to be useful.

Every man could use a valet box, so they make good gifts. Men who are graduating from college can use a valet box. Since college graduation is a shift from being a student to being a professional, men need a place to store the new accessories they wear to their new jobs. College students usually do not wear the same accessories that professional men wear. They are also good gifts for Fatherís Day. Men also appreciate receiving valet boxes for Christmas or Hanukkah. The gift of a valet box can be even more special if a piece of jewelry is included inside. They can also be given for promotions and for birthdays, too. They can also be given when men retire from working so they can keep their treasured gifts in a special place.

At Chasing Treasures, we have boxes that fit every lifestyle. There are substantially sized table-top pieces that can easily become treasured heirlooms. We also have smaller options that men can take in their luggage for business trips. There are also valet boxes in between that are good choices for men who are just beginning to build their collection of watches and cufflinks.

Each of our valet boxes have special compartments for special pieces of jewelry. The watch compartments have specially shaped rolls to keep the watches in their designed shape. Some boxes have ring rolls to keep the precious metal from getting scratched. Many also have locks to protect items. Some have glass tops to showcase the attractive items inside. We also offer leather boxes and trays for daily items like mobile phones, rings, and watches, too.

Some of our valet boxes can also be personalized to make them extra-special. When you give a valet box as a gift, you will be thought of every single day. Men of all ages appreciate luxurious gifts and a valet box tells a man that he has arrived.

If you have any questions about our menís valet boxes or trays, we are happy to help. Please contact us as [email protected] or 1-888-804-2542. We welcome phone orders as well as online orders.