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Luxury Jewelry Box

Building a jewelry collection involves more than just buying the jewelry. A fine collection needs a fine jewelry box. At Chasing Treasure, we understand the concept of luxury, which is why have curated a collection of finely crafted, luxurious jewelry boxes. We have select options that will fit into every decor and will safely store all types of jewelry. From impressive armoires to exquisitely crafted lockable chests, we have something for everyone with the finest tastes.

Our luxury collection features pieces that are made from exotic solid hardwoods. Many are handcrafted with inlaid designs, brass finishes, velvet or suede trays and fine leathers. Those solid woods include bubinga, teak, walnut, mahogany, birdís eye maple, and burlwood. These pieces are so finely crafted that they will become family heirlooms. Many of the table top pieces coordinate with our standing armoires, so you can match your jewelry boxes if you have a large collection to store.

The finest luxury jewelry boxes have what is called a piano finish. To achieve this finish, the craftsmen who lovingly build these jewelry boxes use several layers of lacquer and polyurethanes. This is the finest finish that can be given to fine wooden furniture (as well as to musical instruments). It usually gives a high gloss finish; so if you do decide to purchase a piece with this finish, you should keep it out of direct sunlight.

Another important feature in luxury jewelry boxes is a locking drawer. If your jewelry collection includes pieces with fine metals and gemstones, it is important to be able to lock those pieces in safe places. Some of our luxurious armoires include several locking drawers that are lined in velvet or suede. Some of our smaller boxes that have locking drawers are also small enough to fit inside of personal safes, too. We understand the importance of keeping fine jewelry protected.

Many of our customers like to take their jewelry with them when they travel. There are luxurious boxes that come with travel cases or small accessory cases that can be removed. These small travel cases are often crafted in the same exotic hardwoods and have the same exquisite designs, just on a smaller scale. They are small enough to carry on airplanes. They have the same fine velvet or suede interiors and some also have locking compartments. We understand the need to have a high quality travel jewelry case so you can have great style and peace-of-mind when you are on the road.

At Chasing Treasure, we welcome questions about our collection of luxurious jewelry boxes. Our jewelry boxes have a 30-day return policy and a 1-year product warranty. If there is a certain style you are looking for and we do not have it, please contact us so we can help you find what you need. We strive to offer not only the best jewelry boxes in the industry, but the best customer service, too.

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