Children's Jewelry Boxes
A Buying Guide

Do you remember opening a jewelry box as a young child, and seeing a ballerina slowly turning to the sound of a tune being played? It is memories such as these that we treasure later in life almost as much as jewelry itself, and the sentimental value of a jewelry box kept through the years should not be underestimated. If you would like to enable another young person to have a memory such as this, then there are a range of children's jewelry boxes to choose from.

Currently, this style of boxes fall into two broad categories, with the first being solely musical boxes, and the second being musical boxes with the turning ballerina. There are boxes suitable for children of all ages, although some will more obviously fall out of fashion as the child grows older. Whilst a pink musical jewelry case may very well appeal to a five or six year old, it will perhaps be seen in a different light when the teenage years arrive! Fortunately, there are also musical and ballerina boxes in traditional woods such as mahogany, which have an ageless quality about them. These are the sort of boxes which will be kept throughout a personís life.

It goes without saying that there are many other styles of children's jewelry boxes available than the ones of the musical variety. A floor-standing jewelry box armoire is a good example of this, and might almost be considered a piece of furniture as much as a box itself. These are available in a selection of colors, with pink and white being amongst the most popular. Before buying one, some thought might need to be given if it will suit the room it is destined for or not.

Heart shaped boxes and chic white boxes are also attractive children's jewelry boxes, and tend to stay with the child much longer as they grow up. For older children though, it might be worth considering a box that has automatic drawers, a nice lock or some other aspect that makes it stand out. There are boxes available for children of all ages, from youngsters and tweens, through to teens in a variety of styles, colors and finishes ensuring that there is always something for everyone.

With such a range of children's jewelry boxes available, it is important to make the right choice when it comes to buying one. Perhaps the first thing to consider is the child's maturity level as opposed to their actual age. A child who is intelligent and mature above their years will have different needs than other youngsters for example. Consideration should also be given to what is going to be kept in the box itself. Buying a huge jewelry box is only going to encourage the child to ask for more things to fill it with!

Children's musical jewelry boxes have long been popular items, and look set to continue to be so long into the future. They make ideal presents for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions, and can provide memories that stay with a person through their life.