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Floor Jewelry Box

More than a jewelry armoire, floor jewelry boxes are beautiful pieces of furniture that keep your entire collection of jewelry protected and organized.

Wooden Jewelry Armoire in Rich Dark Walnut Finish Locking Wooden Jewelry Armoire in Rich Dark Walnut Finish

17" x 10" x 40 1/4"H

Our Price to You: $899.95
In Stock
Six Drawer Mahogany Jewelry Armoire Beautiful Six Drawer Mahogany Jewelry Armoire (Limited Supply)

15 3/4W x 10 1/2 x 41

Our Price to You: $299.95
In Stock
Floor jewelry box armoires feature many of organizational features, including ring holders, necklace hooks, divided drawers, and more. Choose the jewelry armoire that matches your decor: our floor-standing jewelry armoires come in many finishes and colors. Floor standing wooden jewelry boxes provide the ability to organize a large collection of jewelry and accessories in a very attractive tall jewelry cabinet. Features of our spacious floor standing jewelry boxes and armoires include multiple drawers, lined storage compartments, ring rolls, swing out necklace sides and select styles have charging stations.

About Floor Jewelry Boxes:

If you have a large collection of jewelry, nothing holds it quite like a floor jewelry box. At Chasing Treasure, we have curated a lovely collection of furniture quality jewelry armoires to complement nearly every interior decor style. They come in a variety of finishes and with several features that are designed to keep jewelry free of tangles, tarnish, and other forms of damage. With a standing floor jewelry box, you free up the space on your other pieces of furniture and in your closet for your clothes and other decorative items.

Our floor jewelry boxes are available in a wide selection of finishes. Our distressed wood and white painted standing armoires look lovely inside cottage-style homes. The black painted armoires with contemporary hardware look best inside the most modern of homes. We also have several standing floor jewelry boxes in traditional finishes like oak and mahogany. Our collection also features pretty boxes painted in white and pink for the youngest of jewelry collectors. Some of our standing armoires also feature lovely hand-painted details, cushioned sides, and unique shapes.

At Chasing Treasure, we understand that each jewelry collection is different from the rest. Some people prefer to have a large collection of rings and bracelets, while others prefer necklaces, or brooches. Each of our standing floor jewelry boxes include cupboards and drawers that are designed to hold different pieces of jewelry. The cupboard style doors open for space to hang necklaces from decorative hooks. Most of the doors are lined with felt or velvet to provide a safe space for those precious pieces of jewelry. If you do not like to wear necklaces, those hooks can hold on to favorite scarves, too.

Along with conveniently necklace doors, our collection of standing jewelry boxes also have drawers with custom features for other types of jewelry. Many include drawers that have ring rolls as well as compartments that can hold individual bracelets. Some includes small spaces that are specially designed to keep pairs of earrings together. In fact, some of the armoires also include drawers that have the proper spaces or rolls for watches, too. In most cases, the drawers are lined with jewelry-safe fabrics like velvet or felt. And the drawers have smooth gliding tracks to the jewelry does not move around inside of them.

Many of the floor standing jewelry boxes also have tops that lift to reveal pretty mirrors. These tops also open for spaces that can hold favorite pieces. These spaces often include a variety of spaces designed to hold favorite rings, bracelets, and watches. This way, you only have to open one lid to get to the pieces that you prefer to wear on a daily basis. The mirrors reveal what is inside and you can also use the mirror to put on your favorite pieces.

We hope you find the perfect floor jewelry boxes to meet your needs and your budget. If you do not see what you are looking for, we invite you to let us know.