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Cuff Link Cases

Our selection of cuff link collector cases includes wood and leather boxes specifically designed to hold a small or large cuff link collection. Choose a small cuff link box that hold a single pair of cuff links, a storage case for holding multiple pairs, or a luxury wood cuff link box for a prized collection.

Jewelry Storage Box, Earring Cufflink Case, Mele Renee 545-F06 545-62 Black Jewelry Storage Box. Earring, Cufflink Collectors Case. Mele Travel Collection

10 3/8 x 7 1/4 x 2 3/8

Our Price to You: $109.95
In Stock
Questions selecting a jewelry box to hold your cuff link collection? Give us a call or send an email. All cuff link collectors boxes qualify for easy 30 day returns and 1 year product warranties.

Like earrings, cuff links should be properly cared for in a specifically designed space. With our cuff links cases, you can keep your collection protected from damage. Putting each pair of cufflinks in a separate compartments keeps them from scraping against each other. The cuff links compartments are covered in textiles like soft suede that helps keeps your jewelry shiny and looking like new.

Our cufflinks boxes are designed to hold a few pair or several pairs. Most are perfect for travel and they include compartments for watches and rings. We also have cufflinks cases that can hold many pairs, too. The majority of our cases are covered in high-quality leather so they are durable and easy to keep clean. Our cases by the best jewelry box companies in the US. Each of our cuff links cases comes with a one-year warranty and our 30-day return guarantee.

One of the benefits of our cuff links cases is that they all have a secure snap close. If you frequently travel, you understand the challenges of keeping your cufflinks getting lost at the bottom of your suitcase. The snap closure keeps the cuff links in their specific compartment.

If you have a friend or loved one who wears cufflinks on a regular basis, our specialty cases make excellent gifts. They are all similarly priced and they are all designed to fit with any interior decor. All of our cuff links cases are covered in leather in popular colors. The largest case measures 10 ⅜” x 7 ¼” x 3 ¼”, so they not only fit perfectly in a suitcase, but they also fit nicely inside of drawers, cupboards, safes, and closets.

Instead of your putting collection of cufflinks on a dish or tray, it is much better to put them in a case with special compartments. Since cufflinks are usually made of quality metals, they can be damaged, especially if they are placed on a tray made of another, different metal or even on ceramics. Since our cases have soft fabric on the inside. The manufacturers choose fabrics that will not damage the jewelry that customers entrust to the handsome cases.

Another useful jewelry box accessory that helps with cufflinks is the valet tray. Instead of a tray made of ceramics or metal, our valet trays are perfect for men’s jewelry. They have ring rolls, cufflinks compartments, and watch cases. These can be placed on a table to collect pieces, then, the tray can be put inside of a larger jewelry box. Couples that appreciate sharing quality storage pieces can easily share a large jewelry box with a valet tray.

Our cufflinks cases are made by popular jewelry box manufacturers that include American companies like Mele that started making jewelry boxes during the Great Depression. Morelle & Co is another company that we rely upon for quality pieces, too. Budd Leather is another excellent brand that we rely on to create attractive leather cases, too. All of our manufacturers are located in the USA and have been creating jewelry boxes for decades.