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Collecting Trinket Boxes is an Enjoyable Hobby

At one point in time, jewelry boxes were just for wealthy aristocrats like royalty and landowners. These people were the only ones who enough money to purchase jewels or they had friends and visitors who would give them jewelry as gifts. Eventually, jewelry became affordable so women and men were able to wear it during special occasions. Then, it became even more affordable so it could be worn on a daily basis by people of all incomes.

Once people of all incomes could afford jewelry, they needed storage boxes for it. This made jewelry boxes an accessory that everyone needed in their homes. These boxes stored everything from brooches and gloves to rings and hat pins. Artisans took great pride in the craftsmanship they put into their jewelry boxes, so they added items like music boxes, clocks, mirrors, and puzzle-like drawers. Many had locks and keys, too.

Jewelry boxes then were designed in different shapes and sizes and one of the most popular is the small trinket box. These were often made of inlaid wood, porcelain, art glass, or designer plastics. They came with tiny feet and special openings. The trinket box also comes in imaginative shapes and sizes, making them great gifts to give for special occasions.

Overtime these small boxes have become collectible items. Some people collect them based on the makers, while others choose to collect them based on their different shapes and sizes. Most trinket boxes are too small to hold any significant piece of jewelry, but they can be given as gift boxes for earrings, rings, cufflinks, or other small pieces.

The trinket box became popular during the Victorian era when people enjoyed adding souvenirs and tchotchkes to their homes. The valuable trinket boxes appeared in shapes like flowers, Easter eggs, animals, or even storybook characters. The trinket boxes from the Victorian era can be difficult to find because they were often made of porcelain and were easily broken.

In the 1900s, the little jewelry boxes were often found in catalogs where they were used as gift boxes for small pieces of jewelry. Instead of being made out of fragile materials, they were made of lead and then covered in silver or gold finish. They were often mass produced and would also be enameled before they were lined in velvet or satin. During the different eras in the 1900s, different designers were treasured more than others and different shapes were more desirable than others. For example, trinket boxes found at the old World Fairs are some of the most sought-after today. Some came with markings from manufacturers, others were completely free of any names.

Now, at Chasing Treasure, we want to keep the hobby of collecting trinket boxes alive and well. Our boxes are affordable and have exquisite details. They come in all of the favorite shapes as well as ones that were not considered when they were first created to store small pieces of jewelry. You can choose from Christmas collections, elegant shoes, or whimsical animals. Whether you add them to your own personal collection or you give them as a gift, they will be treasure for a long time to come.

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