Buying a Wooden Watch Box

Wooden watch boxes are becoming a popular luxury gift item. Like luxury jewelry cases, watch cases are meticulously hand-crafted of exotic woods and are specifically made to not only protect a watch collection, but to showcase them as well. Why wooden watch boxes as opposed to metal? For the same reason you would use wooden hangers: to absorb moisture.

When determining which watch box to purchase, the size of the watch collection will be the main driver. Watch cases can be two to ten. All of the luxury designs have closing tops with a display window, and many of the more modern designs have gliding drawers underneath the display case which can act as a valet, storing pens, coins, and keys.

All luxury watch boxes come with padded removable sleeves around which the watchband will be strapped. They will also include individual sections with padded dividers, and many are lockable. There are also leather trimmed designs.

The most likely user of this type of gift will be a person who values nice watches for different occasions: business, personal indoor, a night out, outdoor adventures, diving, and flying. With high-quality watches ranging from the low hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, a wooden watch box is a wonderful dresser top accessory, providing storage, beauty, and prestige to a luxury décor.