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Wooden Jewelry Boxes: Selecting the best jewelry chest.

Jewels, gems, and keepsakes are prized possessions throughout the world, and the jewelry boxes, chests, and containers in which these treasures are stored have an equally long history. They are creatively made in many sizes & shapes. If you are looking for the perfect jewelry box for your jewels, then see below where we will provide you with a brief guide to the most popular styles of jewelry boxes available today.

For larger collections of jewelry the small jewelry box is often inadequate and that is why jewelry chests fill an important niche in the jewelry box market. Jewelry chests are usually crafted from wood and are often handed down as heirlooms. Jewelry aside, the boxes are by themselves quite beautiful as they have finishes of mahogany, cherry, Burl wood and maple. The chests are 12 inches across or more and have plush linings, meticulously crafted hinges and usually come with a lock and key. The starting price for jewelry chests is generally around $100 and for an heirloom jewelry chest you can expect to pay as much as $350. An average price for a good quality jewelry chest would be $225.

Sometimes even jewelry chests are not big enough to organize and store a fine collection of jewelry. In this case, a Jewelry Armoire is needed. An armoire is an actual piece of furniture and is the preferred way of storing a collection that is comprised of many necklaces.

There are two types of jewelry armoires: dresser top and floor standing. A dresser top jewelry armoire is a tall box with swing out sides. The swing-out sides are ideal for storing necklaces and the armoire may also have drawers providing divided storage areas for other jewelry besides the necklaces. The average size of a dresser top armoire is 10-14 inches across and 10-14 inches high. For a good jewelry armoire you can expect to pay from $100 to $300.

For the largest jewelry collections, floor standing armoires are a natural choice. They not only store jewelry but are also provide storage for scarves and lingerie. The floor standing armoires are truly fine pieces of furniture and are crafted to blend with popular bedroom furniture styles. The most popular finishes for the floor standing armoires are cherry and oak and they range in price from $200-500.

So, if you have a small jewelry collection you might start with a small jewelry box to be kept near your bed or on a dresser. And if your collection is larger or if you want a box that can serve as an heirloom, a jewelry chest could be what you need. Finally, for the largest amount of storage space the best choice is a dresser top or floor standing jewelry armoire.

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