Womens Jewelry Boxes and Christmas Coming!

With Halloween almost behind us, the holidays rush will start in earnest! Here at ChasingTreasure, we are already seeing the holiday season pick up. At this time (end of October) we’re seeing early purchases of womens wooden jewelry boxes for wives and mothers. In some cases, customers are back-ordering very popular jewelry boxes that are currently out of stock, to be sure they get their first selection before the holiday rush!

Here are some tips when looking at womens jewelry boxes: size will be the first consideration! If the woman in your life has a large collection of jewelry, as well as delicates such as lingerie or scarves, then standing jewelry armoires is a great choice. These secure and store every type of jewelry, and are especially important when keeping a large collection of necklaces. These types of jewelry boxes have larger drawers at the bottom for storing the previously mentioned delicates.

The next in size would be the dresser top armoire, which is larger, normally locks, and has the typical open top with mirror and 2 to 4 drawers for storing necklaces and watches.

The final size would be a jewelry case, which will be similar to the armoire but with a single drawer.

Design is also an important consideration. All types range from antique, through traditional, to modern. The type of wood, paint, and leg (for the floor standing jewelry cases) define each. The type of wood is very important. Bubinga wood is a beautiful type (we have a section about it here)!

And finally, we cannot ignore price. See our selection for pricing, and understand that price will not only be driven by size, but by type of wood and (frankly!) popularity of the selection. At ChasingTreasure, we will match any competitors price!

So Happy Holidays and good luck in your shopping and purchase of a womens jewelry box!