Luxury Jewelry Boxes
What to consider when selecting fine wooden jewelry boxes

Consider Luxury Wooden Jewelry BoxesAs you contemplate the purchase of a jewelry box, two main considerations immediately come to mind:  size and price.  Obviously, there is a relationship between size and price, but several subtle but important aspects separate the average from the splendid.

Like beauty, luxury is in the eye of the beholder.  But certain aspects of luxury jewelry boxes are incorporated into almost all designs:  sturdiness, quality of craftsmanship, and the high quality of materials.

From a manufacturing perspective, alignment of grains on wooden jewelry boxes and tightness of hinges & locks are the most obvious examples of quality.  More subtle attributes of high quality are the amount and consistency of padding within the case, the quality of the mirror and its attachment to the frame, and the movement of the drawers, lids, and panels; do they move freely but do not swing open or closed when left slightly ajar.  When closed, the distance between the drawers, lids, and frame will be consistent, and the lid will not have any gaps.

Luxury jewelry boxes are always hand-made, and will usually be built by a single craftsman from start to finish.  He (or she) will select the materials, cut, measure, and assemble.  It is also very likely that a single individual will paint the jewelry box and assess his/her own quality before having the unit reviewed by an independent inspector prior to delivery to the customer, which is normally directly from the manufacturer to the customer, to avoid multiple movements which can increase the likelihood of damage.

The quality and looks of high-end jewelry boxes means a family heirloom that will remain functional and design-relevant for decades, and can be handed down from generation to generation.  The quality of manufacture also helps limit damage, and can also allow for easy repair.

Finally, manufacturer reputation and their willingness to stand by their products plays a critical role in selecting where to invest in a luxury item such as a high-end jewelry box, case, or standing armoire.

Most jewelry cases will come in a variety of designs and colors, which will likely ensure that you can get exactly what you are looking for, both functionally and how it fits with your current decor.