Main Attributes of Womens Jewelry Boxes

A staple of the four main gift-giving holidays, a Birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas, is a women's jewelry box. As you search for the right one, keep in mind the three types:

-Traditional Jewelry Case
-Dresser Top Armoire
-Standing Armoire Jewelry Case

The traditional jewelry case is smaller and normally holds only a few pieces, such as anniversary, wedding, and heirloom rings, and has one or two drawers for earrings and necklaces. While decorative, it is mainly functional and meant to be non-assuming in a room. If big enough, these will have lift lids with mirrors.

Dresser top armoires are larger yet still small enough to sit on dressers or make-up tables. They are for the woman who usually dresses up daily and has a larger selection of jewelry. It maintains a lift lid with mirror and now includes 3 to 4 drawers.

The standing jewelry armoire is the largest of the womens jewelry cases. It can weigh in excess of 35 pounds empty and stand over 40 inches tall. It can have long, elegant legs which serve to elevate the lower drawer, or have short feet where the lower drawer goes almost all the way to floor (these latter tend to have much deeper lower drawers). The standing jewelry box is usually purchased for the women with a large jewelry collection that includes long necklaces, as the sides of the armoire will swing out to reveal the necklace storage, in some cases with up to 10 hooks. The deeper drawers store undergarment delicates or silk items such as scarves.

The style will generally be antique (normally showing darker woods as distressed), traditional, or modern. Wood design such as patterns and column flutes can be chosen for traditional and antique designs, but modern designs almost exclusively are smooth, highly polished wood finishes. Bubinga wood is a beautiful type of wood with varying grain colors and patterns and typifies the modern look.

Once the overall type & style is chosen, the quality of the workmanship, color, and price will be the remaining decisions. Workmanship and price will correlate: the higher the price, generally, the better the quality. (At ChasingTreasure, we carry the top manufacturers and back any quality defects with a 30 day warranty.)

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