Ballerina Jewelry Box Buying Guide
Selecting a musical ballerina jewelry box

It could be tradition but more than likely it is fond memories; fond memories from when we were a little girl that inspires us to think of the darling little ballerina that dances and twirls when we open the lid to a ballerina jewelry box. Do you remember the first time you got your ballerina music box? The excitement and thrill that raced through us and made our hearts pound in our chest was evident when we would open the lid and close the lid 10 times a day, just to watch the Ballerina spin around and around to the beautiful music.

You can share this lovely memory with your daughter, grand daughter, niece or young girl in your family. Read our buying guide for your musical ballerina jewelry box so you can select the perfect one for your loved one.

Material: The most popular musical ballerina jewelry boxes you will find will be constructed in wood. They are built to last for years and for passing down from generation to generation. Some boxes can be made of a pressed wood material but most are crafted from solid wood for lasting beauty. Lovely wooden drawers can be found on many designs and they can hold many treasures.

Interior: The interior of the children's jewelry box can contain a multitude of drawers and compartments. Each compartment is usually lined with a soft, plush fabric such as felt or velvet. Ring holders, necklace and earring holders are often included in the overall design inside each box to protect and cushion precious little belongings and favorite jewelry pieces.

Music: Many of the girls ballerina jewelry boxes come with a wind up music box that plays a traditional song. If selecting a jewelry box that plays music, it will come with an interior ballerina figurine that will dance and spin when the lid is opened until the music stops or until the lid is shut.

Design: The design of a ballerina jewelry box is usually a traditional design of a dresser box with a lid that lifts. Many come with one or two drawers in a chest design but there are also taller boxes for the young jewelry collector that have armoire sides to hang necklaces. Decorations such as ballet slippers or recital dancers can adorn the lid and face of these boxes or you can choose solid colors in white or natural wood. Some ballerina musical boxes may come with a lock and key too.

By giving your young daughter, grand daughter or niece a beautiful ballerina jewelry box, you will be teaching her how to care for her jewelry and precious items early in life. The gift of a well-made jewelry box will be one she remembers and treasures for a lifetime.