Wood Jewelry Box Finishes Explained
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Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box
heirloom quality, hardwood construction and partially or fully handcrafted chests with solid wood tops and finished edges are intended for years of luxurious jewelry storage. Crafted with precision, each handcrafted jewelry box is made with care like fine furniture to last generations. Shop with the assurance that you are getting a carefully crafted heirloom and that before they were sent to our warehouse, many of our handcrafted jewelry box styles took over 20 days each to construct. But don't worry, they are in stock with us now so you will receive your handcrafted jewelry box just a few days after you order!

a premium American hardwood prized for its natural luster, attractive grain, and rich, warm reddish glow. Cherry is one of the most popular jewelry box color choices. Cherry boxes are primarily constructed from a combination of hardwoods with a cherry finish. Solid cherry wood jewelry boxes are rare. One of the most popular finishes, cherry jewelry boxes blend with all types of decor styles.

Mahogany: the name mahogany refers to numerous varieties of dark colored wood, originally from the species Swietenia Mahogani, known as West Indian or Cuban mahogany. Generally has a strait grain and is free of voids and pockets.
The reddish brown color that darkens over time and displays a beautiful reddish sheen when polished. Mahogany jewelry boxes enhance both traditional and modern decor styles.

a rich brown wood with beautiful grain lines running throughout. The traditional feel of walnut jewelry boxes allow them to blend with many styles of decor. Choose from traditional to modern jewelry boxes in an array of light to dark finishes. As with cherry, most jewelry boxes feature hardwood construction with a walnut finish. Solid walnut wood jewelry boxes are exquisite.

a beautiful wood used by artists to create sculptures and other items such as jewelry boxes. It is is prized by artists because of it's unique shapes and ring patterns. A burl is a type of wood growth found on some trees, usually due to environmental stress. The number of trees that produce burlwood is quite low and the tree that develops burlwood is still quite healthy. Burlwood jewelry boxes are quite striking and blend with unique and elegant decor styles.

fresh and bold, black jewelry boxes compliment traditional as well as modern decor. Contemporary styles are most popular in a black finish. Ebony and black jewelry boxes will have a true black finish. Java and espresso jewelry boxes will be black with a dark "coffee" undertone. Black and Java jewelry boxes also blend well with antique furniture due to the striking difference of finishes.

: blends with classic and cottage styles. A white jewelry box is a popular choice for a little girls first jewelry boxes and also popular with women looking for crisp clean style. Some of our white jewelry boxes are musical and include automatic lift trays, or a lock and key. White jewelry boxes also blend well with beach or nautical decor styles.

a hard and durable wood perfect for creating fine jewelry boxes for jewelry and watch collections. Many maple trees have valuable timber and some have a highly decorative wood grain. This condition occurs randomly in individual tree species and cannot be detected until the wood is sawn. Birds eye maple is one of the distinctive patterns. Maple jewelry boxes are usuallly high end boxes and blend well with all types of decor making them popular as heirloom gifts.

Teak: the beautiful grain and high durability of teak wood makes a jewelry box crafted from teak wood a valuable family heirloom. This highly durable wood lends itself to designs for both men and women, crafted with precision and to perfection, built to last for generations. A perfect choice for an heirloom jewelry box. Teak blends with the most conservative decor to the most elegant of styles.

a rare wood from West Africa, most often used for decorative pieces. Originally used exclusively in making fine musical instruments, this gorgeous exotic wood is now used create spectacular jewelry boxes and collectors boxes. When ordinary won't do, choose an extraordinary bubinga wood jewelry bo
x. Bubinga jewelry boxes appeal to those that appreciate the beauty of natural wood and the luxury of unique design.

a jewelry box or chest crafted in the timeless beauty of this favorite wood will blend with many styles of decor. Choose from splendidly detailed dresser top boxes, floor standing armoires and watch boxes in warm oak finishes. Most oak jewelry boxes are hardwood with a quality oak finish. Like cherry wood, a solid oak wood jewelry box is rare. Oak jewelry boxes are popular choices for all types of decor tastes, from classic to contemporary.