Jewelry Box Buying Guide
What to consider when selecting a jewelry box as a gift

Recipient: Who is this jewelry box for?
Jewelry boxes are popular for women but are also made for men and children.

For Women -   If you are purchasing a jewelry box for a woman, consider the size of her jewel collection and allow room to grow.  Wooden jewelry boxes are the most popular choice and are available in both traditional and modern styles.  If her collection is especially large consider a large floor standing armoire or purchase a second smaller box that is complimentary in style to the larger one that can be housed on a night stand for every day items.

For Men - When choosing a valet box for a man, consider if he has a jewelry or watch collection that he'd like to store under lock and key or if he will use it for only a few jewelry items and mostly other accessories such as keys and coins.  If this is the case, an open valet tray style would be a good choice.

For Girls - If you are purchasing a jewelry box for a little girl the choices can be overwhelming.  Consider the age and interests of the child. Ballerina music boxes are most popular as first jewelry boxes but traditional wood or white wood chests will suit girls with other interests. Themed music boxes are also available for girls featuring nature themes and fairies.

Construction:  Heirloom jewelry chests are generally crafted of fine wood ranging from oak to espresso and will suit a wide range of personal tastes. Partially handcrafted, an heirloom jewelry chest will be constructed to last generations.  Leather jewelry cases are most popular with men but are also a nice choice for women that want a contemporary design or need a solution for traveling with their jewels.

Purpose: Small jewel boxes provide convenient access to favorite pieces that are worn often and are usually kept by a bedside, on a dresser or in a bathroom.  Larger chests should compliment the personal style and perhaps the furniture finish of the person you are selecting it for.  Travel jewel cases are an appreciated gift for women who travel with their jewelry and feature unique storage features with storage space and safety in mind.

Price: Jewelry boxes are available in every price range. Children's boxes range $25-$125, Men's valets range $35-$200 and in general, a "good" jewelry box for women will range $75-150, a "better" jewelry box will range $150-250, a "best" jewelry box that is fully or partially handcrafted will range $250-350 and luxury jewelry boxes designed exclusively for fine jewel collections will begin at $350.00

In conclusion, a jewelry box is a thoughtful choice for women, men and girls and will hold a growing jewel collection beautifully while preserving the memories associated with receiving it and with collecting the jewelry stored in it.