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Jewelry Boxes: Buy a quality Jewelry Box today. Choose from hundreds Online.

Jewelry Boxes: Buy a wood jewelry box, leather jewelry box or watch cases online
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If you are looking for a quality Jewelry Box, then you have reached the right place. Chasing Treasure is where you can get that "special" box. We offer a huge selection of wooden boxes for women, leather watch boxes for men and music boxes for girls.

Women's Jewelry Boxes

Beautiful wooden boxes, leather cases and floor armoires for women keep jewelry protected.

Men's Jewelry Valets

Handsome valet boxes, leather trays and watch display cases for men will organize collections.

Children's Jewelry Boxes

Music boxes and jewelry boxes for little girls and teens will delight the girls on your gift list.

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"I received my order via FedEx today! Wow, that's incredible. Keep up the good work! Thanks!"
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"Very impressive jewelry box. Thanks!"
"Super cute kids music box and super fast shipping! Thanks!"
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Chasing Treasure is your source for the best jewelry boxes in all sizes and styles. Buy handcrafted wooden chests, standing boxes, watch cases, travel, ballerina and more! We carry hundreds of popular styles from women's luxury boxes and men's personalized watch valets to standing floor armoires and little girls musical boxes. With the variety we offer you are sure to find that perfect treasure for yourself or the women, men and girls on your gift list.

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Featured Products

White Wood Ballerina Jewelry Box. Keepsake Musical Jewelry Chest with Dancing Ballerina for Girls. Traditional Dark Cherry Jewelry Box with Necklace Storage Hard to Find White Wood Jewelry Box Chest
Our Price to You: $79.95
Mother's Day Sale: $70.00

Our Price to You: $240.00
Mother's Day Sale: $200.00
Our Price to You: $100.00
Mother's Day Sale: $90.00

White Wood Ballerina Jewelry Box, Reed Barton Musical Chest with Ballerina M5645AP Traditional Dark Cherry Jewelry Box with Necklace Storage Hard to Find Pure White Wood Jewelry Box Chest

This is the perfect white wood ballerina jewelry box. If you are looking for a quality, keepsake jewelry box for a special little girl, this is it!

Crafted in a keepsake design from quality wood with dainty details including a dancing ballerina, pink and white tassel, curved design with carved detail and plush jewelry storage compartments lined in pink, this size and quality of this ballerina jewelry box will delight you.

Jewelry boxes by Reed and Barton are constructed with generations of enjoyment in mind and this classic white wood musical ballerina jewelry box is no exception, complete with a dancing ballerina. A wonderful gift for girls of any age.

Our dark cherry jewelry box features convenient necklace storage sides. Fully lined with with thatch faux suede lining. Lid with interior mirror. Two doors with catch shelves accommodate necklaces and chains. Well includes earring and bracelet compartments. Three drawers accommodate rings, bracelets, pendants and larger pieces. Brushed brass finished oval knobs. It's hard to find a white jewelry box and this one is extra special with a silver border accent on the drawer and detailed beading on front corners.

A necklace drop offers convenient and secure storage for necklaces on pendant hooks that allow necklaces to drop down into the back of the box.

The jewelry well, lined in pearl white flocked velvet, accommodates rings, bracelets and earrings.

The drawer has 4 earring compartments and one long area for pendants.

All this plus a full mirror in lid, silver bar drawer pull.

Jewelry Boxes: Shop online and choose from a huge selection of the best jewelry boxes.

Spring has sprung!

This is welcome news for many of us after a long, cold winter. Spring brings sunshine, flowers, and chirping birds; it also brings a host of life events and celebrations -- including Mother's Day. Have you started to think about a gift to show mom your appreciation? Now that the days are getting warmer, she'll no doubt be making more use of her accessory collection while she plans outfits. Why not give her something to help organize her jewelry? And why not choose something with a natural feel, evocative of Spring itself? ChasingTreasure has exactly what you need.

We offer a very wide selection of wooden jewelry boxes - the gift that is at once a practical and attractive choice. The selection is so wide, in fact, that it could seem intimidating. With ten different types and styles of wood to choose from, which is the best fit for her taste? Let's look at the different types of beautiful, unique wooden jewelry boxes ChasingTreasure carries so that you can be sure to get the long-lasting, thoughtful gift mom prefers!

The easiest way to narrow down which type of wooden jewelry box would be best loved by your loved one is to understand her tastes when it comes to fashion. Does she prefer ornate antiques with curves and exquisite details? Does she choose furniture pieces in a range of earthy browns, golden yellows, and impressive reds? Her tastes probably lean more traditional, and she would love an heirloom-quality storage solution for her jewelry that fits with her classic aesthetic.

Traditional and Classic:

Cherry: Cherry is a premium American hardwood prized for its natural luster, eye-catching grain, and rich, warm glow. With pink and red tones but a sophisticated depth, cherry wood is a classic choice, perfect for traditional schemes.

Oak: Oak is one of the most durable woods available. It has been used for structural and decorative projects alike since as early as the 9th century. It's intense golden color and smooth grain makes it an attractive option for jewelry boxes.

Walnut: Walnut is a rich, chocolaty-brown wood with striking grain lines running throughout. It is incredibly tough and is often used in flooring and furniture. The traditional feel of walnut jewelry boxes are perfect for classic patterns, but its beautiful dark quality make it ideal for more modern styles as well.

Maple: Maple is a hard and hard-wearing wood with a wide variety of grain types, all interesting and unique. For example, bird's eye maple is an extremely rare naturally-occurring wood that seems to have speckled "eyes" dancing across its grain. Maple is a popular choice for violins, violas, cellos, and double basses - items where beauty and resilience are paramount. This, of course, makes it perfect for jewelry boxes. We offer maple jewelry boxes in stains ranging from dark ebony, to creamy burgundy, to golden yellow.

Does your gift-recipient like to think outside the box when it comes to home furnishings? Is her home full of curios and souvenirs from her world travels? Does she enjoy luxurious fabrics from far-off lands? Her jewelry box of choice would certainly be constructed from an exotic and interesting wood.

Exotic and Unusual:

Mahogany: The name mahogany is used when referring to numerous varieties of dark, reddish-brown wood. Originally from the species Swietenia Mahogani, known as West Indian or Cuban mahogany, this durable, straight-grained wood is prized for its beautiful color. Mahogany calls to mind rich wood-paneling or ornate antique furniture, and thus is a perfect choice for traditional and opulent rooms.

Teak: Native to India, Indonesia, and other parts of Southeast Asia, teak is a perennial favorite. The handsome yellow-brown grain and high durability of teak wood make it the perfect choice for luxury jewelry boxes that are destined to become valuable family heirlooms.

Bubinga: Bubinga is a rare wood from West Africa, where it can grow up to eight feet in diameter. It's most often used for decorative pieces and has an attractive dark reddish-brown color. Originally used exclusively in making fine musical instruments, this gorgeous exotic wood is now used to create spectacular jewelry boxes.
Burl wood: Burl wood is an elegant wood used by artists to create sculptures, furniture, and of course, jewelry boxes. Its coloring is golden yellow with brown and white streaks. Prized by artists and collectors because of its rarity and its distinctive, knot-like grain, this exotic wood makes a statement.

Perhaps the special woman on your list prefers contemporary style in fashion and home furnishing. Straight, clean lines, very little ornamentation, function working with form - does this sound like her personal style? ChasingTreasure has the modern styles of wooden jewelry boxes perfect for her.

Modern and Contemporary:

White: A white jewelry box blends with classic, cottage, or contemporary styles. Its clean and fresh finish is youthful and perfect for colorful palettes.

Black and Espresso: Black jewelry boxes are fresh and bold, perfect for modern tastes. Many of the jewelry boxes available in this lustrous dark color choice have clean lines and contemporary hardware. Choose from a variety of box, chest and armoire designs with stunning details in black, java, onyx, ebony and espresso finishes.

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